Internet Safety

Nothing is more important than being safe online and the best defense is to be informed.  Review our website Privacy Statementas well as some other tips we’ve compiled to help you protect yourself, your family and personal information.


Report Suspicious Emails Remember, authentic emails from any legitimate company will always address you by your first & last name or the business name associated with your account.

If you receive an email requesting personal information, account or policy numbers, PINs or passwords, DO NOT reply or give out personal information. Forward the email in it’s original format to the business the email claims to be from so they can investigate to determine origin and take appropriate action.


Avoid Fake Websites.  Log in safely by always opening a new web browser window and typing in the URL for the site you want to visit or follow links originating from our website or others you trust. Don’t purchase or pay bills online unless you’re confident that you know how to recognize a fraudulent website and/or know how to determine if the page you’re on is secure. When in doubt, log out and start over.